Sara Wolkenfeld
Sara Wolkenfeld
Rabbinic Fellow of the David Hartman Center

Sara Tillinger Wolkenfeld is a Rabbinic Fellow of the David Hartman Center and the Director of Education at Sefaria, a new online database and interface for Jewish texts. She is passionate about Talmud education and about expanding Jewish textual knowledge for all.

Her previous experience includes serving as Director of Education at the Center for Jewish Life – Hillel at Princeton University as part of the OU’s Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus, as well as serving as faculty at the Drisha Institute and at the Ida Crown Jewish Academy. Sara studied Talmud and Jewish Law at various institutions of Jewish learning in Israel and America including Midreshet Lindenbaum, Drisha, Nishmat, and Beit Morasha, and and speaks on various Jewish topics at synagogues, schools, and in university communities.

She directs the Adam R. Straus Memorial Mikvah in Chicago, IL, where she lives with her husband and their five children.